Monday, August 14, 2017

Joy Design Studio - Scandinavian Mid Century Furniture

You know that feeling when you keep seeing this cute dude/chick but never felt there was a chance to say hi? And then one fine day you finally sum up that courage and commitment to do it?

Yep, it was exactly like that.  After passing by from the main Jalan Skudai numerous times, we decided to turn into Jalan Danga Utama one quiet Thursday night.

It was 8pm, and as we were pulling over, the Joy staff were preparing to close the shop when they noticed us and quickly reopened the shop. The lights swiftly turned on to welcome us. How nice of them! Two of the staff who were in their car about to go home, got down and welcomed us in. AWWWW! (can hear the heart telling the wallet to open up already)

So in we went! It was like a private tour. The studio occupies 3 floors in a shoplot at 76, Jalan Pertama 1, Danga Utama Commercial Center, Skudai.

OK less words, more photos!

We bought something in this picture. Post coming soon.

Love the colour!

Gorgeous rugs!

Our goodie bag containing some ang pow packets and a really nice notepad set.

It was truly a JOY :)

Joy Design Studio
Facebook page

Mid Century Scandinavian Furniture in Malaysia

I blogged about my crush with mid-centurian furnitures in January 2014. At that time, I was looking high and low for the senget-legged tables and consoles. I had even went to almost every furniture shops in JB but alas, they all gave me the quizzical look. That was in 2014.

Well guess what puppy, it's everywhere now.

I've seen the mid-century sofas and dining tables at a few furniture shops already, like iBenz and ANZ, but the majority comes from Facebook Suggested Pages and Ads.

Here are a few I kinda like.

Ah I covet... 

Anyways, here are another few links you can find this trendy furniture style now:

RecroFurniture at TTDI, KL.
CommuneHome in KL.

And then last week, after passing by Joy Design (Facebook page) numerous times, admiring it from my car seat on Jalan Skudai, finally we visited the shop on a quiet Thursday night. It was 8pm and as we were pulling over, the staff were about to close but they picked up our interested-vibes very sensitively and reopened their doors and gestured us to come in. Already scored brownie points!

So, obligingly, we went ahead to check out the store. And this deserves a post on its own, riiight here.

The hunt continues...

Thursday, August 10, 2017

HomeDec July 2017 @ Persada Johor International Convention Centre

We had the whole morning to spare while the boys were in school, on Sunday. Yes, this is Johor.
So I dragged the husband to HomeDec at the Persada Johor for educational purposes. One must keep abreast of the latest home appliances and furnitures, no?


Here we go.

The exhibitor list.

We weren't looking for anything, really. Just wanted to check-it-out.
Sorry I can't really provide photos of the appliances and what-nots that we saw. I was there to check out furnitures actually. Nothing caught my fancy until I saw this...


Adorable footstools.

This furniture shop is from Muar, called Mandy

I've seen this Ethnicraft page on Facebook and this was the reason why I came to HomeDec. 
Yes, to touch the wood. Solid. 

After our 'educational tour', we proceeded to have one of your favourite lunch at Jalan Dhobi. The popular nasi padang. The chicken rendang is the best. And this is ALWAYS my combo.

Quite a nice way to spend Sunday morning!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Flowers In The Window @ Jalan Dhoby Johor Bahru

I've passed by Flowers In The Window numerous times before, and only after my dad told me they serve good beef noodles there, I stepped in. 

Cozy, relaxing, filled with dried flowers and plants, and retro stuff, this little space immediately reminded me of myself when I was young, because I used to press flowers and collect dried plants as decorations. 

Psst..this is what I came here for. 
The well-kept secret of the beef noodle that is almost equivalent to the famous one at Bukit Cagar.
The portion was generous. I've forgotten what the Bukit Cagar one tasted like, but I can say this one's good too, except that the beef chunks were a little tad bigger for my liking.  And it's a pity there was no soup. But all in all, I'd give it another go!

After that you can go for soft-serve and ice-cream up the lane. Love Jalan Dhoby!

Monday, July 24, 2017

MUJI Opening of Flagship Store @ Plaza Singapura

I think this is my favourite brand now. But only during sales.
MUJI opens its flagship store in Singapore, at Plaza Singapura. 
I took half a day off to check it out, something I rarely ever do.
Picture bombs!

There must've been an opening ceremony at the atrium.

Some exhibition at the atrium. 

I heard their skincare products are not bad. I have yet to try.

 I have always loved their kitchen/cookware. All so miniature.
One each please!

A special series.

This is what I actually came to see. Their exhibition. It really brings out the material obsession in you.

 This leather sofa is SGD$5990.00

Another special series.

Storage baskets.

Their customer consultation area. It's like Japanese IKEA.

They also offer embroidery services. There are many different designs to choose from on a booklet, ranging about $3-$5 per design. Alphabets too!

I have yet to try their food.

The queue to the cashier. You can't see the cashier from here.

So I came out empty-handed, except for these. Hehe. 
Oh ya, I forgotten about their stationery section which I absolutely love as well.
I will definitely go back!